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OAT: plant your shoes and make them bloom!

So we all know about fair trade clothing, organic cotton and e-fabrics, but we’d never heard of fully biodegradable shoes that you can bury in the ground after they’re worn out and that will actually shoot leaves and flowers!

But this is exactly what OAT shoes do: Amsterdam-based designer Christiaan Maats has embedded seeds into the tongue of the shoe, so when you bury your old sneakers, a colourful array of wildflowers will sprout out of them!

OAT: plant your shoes and make them bloom!

OAT: plant your shoes and make them bloom!

OAT Shoes is an indie brand with a collection of simple classic high-top, mid-top and low sneakers made of cotton, hemp and degradable plastic. According to their website, the shoes decompose within about six months, but the flowers will start blooming within just a few weeks.

The OAT Shoes project is more than just simple shoe design: through the project, Maats aims to reconcile nature and industry and find a new way forward that will preserve our natural environment but still allow us to make the fashion choices we want.

Check out the designs and read more about the concept for OAT Shoes

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