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instituto e has teamed up with the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea to calculate carbon and water footprints in the life cycle of different products. Follow the blog to read the latest reports from our journey.

The Queen of Eco-Cool

We’ve always been into the idea of green fashion and one of our great favourites is Stella McCartney. From the launch of her label in 2002, her rock-chick, animal-friendly (no leather, no fur) designs and healthy living ethos attracted celebrity pals and gave new meaning to concepts like eco-friendly, organic and sustainable.

Stella McCartney, eco-friendly, no fur, no leather, earth-friendly

Stella McCartney uses no leather

Even in the fast-changing world of fashion, McCartney believes that everyone can do simple things to make a difference and that every little bit really counts. “For me, it’s about the basic principles: sustainability is important, as is recycling,” she told Marie Claire in 2011.

McCarthy says earth-friendly decisions are part the label’s brand DNA: in their offices and stores, they try to use sustainable materials wherever they can – from biodegradable bags and recycled-paper products to bespoke herringbone and sustainable oak floors in some of their stores.

Stella McCartney, Eco-cool, earth-friendly products,

Sustainable products by Stella McCartney

In addition, every season’s collection contains some sort of eco or sustainable element, whether it’s a beautiful organic fabric or a natural dye – it’s a constant search for new techniques that combine minimal environmental impact with high quality standard. Currently, they’re testing a new type of waterless dye in Turkey, so watch this space!

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