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instituto e has teamed up with the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea to calculate carbon and water footprints in the life cycle of different products. Follow the blog to read the latest reports from our journey.

Organic silk – 100% sustainable material (e-fabric)

The organic silk is one of the materials from sustainable source (e-fabrics) used by Osklen and tracked by the project Traces. The dyeing process uses only natural dyes and manual looms are used, saving energy and preserving the local tradition.

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Organic silk (e-fabrics)

Symbolic and innovative, this cooperation project between Italy and Brazil traced the carbon footprint and the social and environmental impacts of five more Osklen products made of e-fabrics® sustainable materials: organic and natural cotton, recycled cotton and PET, pirarucu leather and eco-jute. Experts from both countries, crossed Brazil from North to South for months, to study the supply chain of each of these six products from raw materials source until products end-of-life.

The feeding of silkworms is 100% organic

The feeding of silkworms is 100% organic

The purpose was to provide sustainable models, improve social initiatives and to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to identify possible mitigation measures to minimize environmental impacts. The results indicate that tens of thousands of workers benefit from these sustainable processes improving their quality of life.

Local people involved in the process

Local people involved in the process

The project also contributes to the preservation of our forests, a world heritage site. Learn more about TRACES at:

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