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instituto e has teamed up with the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea to calculate carbon and water footprints in the life cycle of different products. Follow the blog to read the latest reports from our journey.

From now on – also calculate your water footprint

It is February 2013, time to kick off the new Instituto-e project, WATER TRACES, with an expedition to several Osklen suppliers. After the Carbon Footprint and Social and Environmental Project, … Continue reading

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Instituto-e calculates your carbon footprint!

Short video TRACES – Social, Environmental and Carbon Footprint Project. An Italian-Brazilian innovative project that analyses Eco-Friendly Sustainable Raw Materials in the Fashion Industry. Tags: instituto e,institutoe, instituto-e, traces, water … Continue reading

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The Queen of Eco-Cool

We’ve always been into the idea of green fashion and one of our great favourites is Stella McCartney. From the launch of her label in 2002, her rock-chick, animal-friendly (no … Continue reading

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OAT: plant your shoes and make them bloom!

So we all know about fair trade clothing, organic cotton and e-fabrics, but we’d never heard of fully biodegradable shoes that you can bury in the ground after they’re worn … Continue reading

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How did it all start? Meet Martina Hauser

VIDEO: Meet Martina Hauser, the coordinator of the task force for carbon and water footprint from IMELS. She plays a key role in the Traces project and is extremely knowledgable … Continue reading

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Why the TRACES project could be a global game-changer

After we found out about Instituto-e’s amazing TRACES project we were curious to know more about the people behind the project and their motivation.  Corrado Clini, Italy’s minister for the Environment, … Continue reading

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Instituto-e believes human development can be advanced through information sharing. Using accessible multimedia formats, it aims to transform Brazil’s global image and position it as the country of sustainable human … Continue reading

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